Whether you hire the The House Professionals, or someone else, it is very important they carry insurance. If an uninsured service provider is injured while in your employ, or causes either property damage or personal injury, the home owner assumes liability.

Make sure your service provider has both liability coverage and workers compensation.

Liability insurance covers damage resulting from a contractor’s work. For example, if a tree service cuts down a dead tree in your front yard and the tree accidentally falls through your roof or through your neighbor’s roof, the service’s liability insurance would most likely pay for damages. If, instead of falling through your roof, the tree fell and injured your neighbor, the tree service’s liability insurance would again pay.

Workers compensation insurance compensates the injured worker in the event of a job-related accident. If the tree falls onto and injures one of the tree service’s employees, the service’s workers compensation insurance should pay the injured employee’s hospital bills and lost wages. Since many company employees are injured on the job each year, workers comp is quite expensive. Some high-risk home service companies claim that as much as 25% of their cost is workers compensation insurance.

The House Professionals are fully insured.

The House Professionals Insurance Certificate

How to Verify Insurance

Just as some individuals do not have health insurance because of the cost; some small companies do not carry proper insurance for the same reason. Always request a copy of the provider’s insurance certificate. The certificate should list you as the certificate holder, so that if the insurance policy is cancelled before the expiration date, the insurance company will notify you of the cancellation. A typical insurance certificate lists the types of insurance the contractor has through the company and includes the policy number, effective dates, and policy limits. If a section is not completed, the contractor does not have this type of insurance coverage through the certificate-issuing insurance company.