Frequently Asked Questions

I can’t take off work to wait for the appliance repair man. Can you help with that?

Yes, we can do that and more! We can recommend service providers/repair people, solicit estimates for you, and then meet them at your house to let them in and oversee their work/clean-up. We will provide all service tickets/paperwork related to their work, along with our form indicating time in & out and any other information pertinent to the services performed. If you wish, we will call or e-mail you if critical questions arise, or to notify you job is complete.

I heard you offer home maintenance and home improvement services. What does that include?

You tell us exactly what you need and we will obtain estimates that include your expectations, time for completion of the work, cost and any other details you require. We will oversee the work and provide status reports as it progresses.

What vacation services do you offer?

Home visits to bring in mail, newspapers, deliveries; water plants/water garden; lawn mowing/snow removal; check HVAC, sump pump; turn lights on/off; provide checklist for each visit (left in home or e-mailed to you); other requests are welcome and will be considered.

What if I just need someone to bring in a delivery so it doesn’t sit outside all day?

There’s no job too big or too small for our professionals! Don’t take time off work for something we can take care of for you. Just let us know what you need.

Where do you get the people you recommend?

We use trusted service providers we have worked with in our business of real estate sales, home inspections and property management in the Fox Valley and surrounding areas for over 20 years. We can provide several recommendations and you make the final selection.

What if I have someone that I trust to do the work and always does great work?

Give us their information and we’ll add them to our list of preferred service providers! The choice of service provider/repair person is yours; but, we are happy to offer recommendations, if needed.

I need to have confidence in anyone I have around my house.

We appreciate that and are happy to provide references upon request. We are trusted and well-respected in the Fox Valley for our work in real estate, as community and church volunteers, and as people who know how to get the job done, and get it done right. We have successfully served over 6,000 clients in the Fox Valley and always have the goal of meeting or exceeding your expectations.

What happens if the work is done, but I don’t think it was done right?

We oversee the work to the best of our ability and stay until the work is completed or the repair person/service provider leaves. If work, in our best judgment, is being performed poorly, we will advise the repair person or service provider. If you request that we contact you should problems arise, we will notify you promptly. We leave written documentation of our services performed and any pertinent comments on the work of the repair/service persons.

Do you guarantee that their work will be done right?

Work is guaranteed to the extent the repair person/service provider guarantees it. This is another reason we use our trusted professionals. Our recommendations are a big part of their business and they know they must stand behind their work to continue being on our list.

What is a FREE, no-obligation meeting?

Some people charge a nominal fee just for driving to your house to discuss your needs, then deduct that fee from your first service with them, thereby obligating you to use them or lose the initial fee. We don’t. We want to meet with you to determine how we can be of service. We will complete a checklist of the work you request, along with any other details important to you. We understand if you want to think it over. Should you decide to hire us at our first meeting, we will work out any additional details to allow us to offer the best possible service.

When do I pay you?

Payment is due at the time of service. You may leave a check in a specified area of the house, or use PayPal.

What if the job requires more time than planned?

This could possibly occur while waiting for the cable or dish guy. They say they’ll show up during a specific timeframe, and then arrive a couple hours later. This is beyond our control, so, we will leave documentation of our additional time and a payment request.

What if I forget to leave payment or am out of town and need you to handle a home emergency?

Oversights and emergencies do arise, we know that. We will leave our payment request and ask that payment be submitted promptly by check or PayPal.